Creative Products (Modeling Clays, Dough & Toys)

As children explore and play with kids modeling clay, they discover how to make basic forms, develop hand-brain coordination, agility and fine motor skills. Using modeling clay gives children many opportunities to be creative and can also result in longer attention spans. As well as being a calming activity for children, playing with modeling clay and dough helps kids develop social skills as they sit together sharing clay, rollers and other modeling materials. Playing with clay products, pinching it, rolling it and squeezing it into shapes, relaxes young children (and adults). For the safety of our children, we select products that are produced under the strict regulations and currently we offer products that are only made in GERMANY.

• Becks Plastilin is one of the biggest manufacturer in the industry for modeling clay and dough in Germany. Please contact us for the catalog and price list.

• Feuchtmann is a producer of finger colors, modeling clays and doughs for kids. With the long history and know-how of the production since 1959, Feuchtmann produces high-quality products with care. Catalogs and price list upon request

• Knetix for the big amount of clay - made in Germany

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